Why I use Delica seed beads


I love glass seed beads.

with Miyuki Delica’s there are many beautiful colors and they always catch a person’s eye.

I have searched, used and bought many kinds of beads.

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Getting back to beading


My beading set up

I have neuropathy and arthritis. If I sit too long, stand too long, or walk much my feet swell. I have a new recliner for Christmas and now I can sit with my feet up. Yeah!!! I can get back to my beading. I have missed it soo much. By spring I will have necklaces and bracelets to list in my store:) I am happy beyond words. Does  anyone else have illnesses that you have to find ways to work around to do what you love?

The day before Thanksgiving and I am making my new year resolutions

The Christmas presents I made came out so awesome. 

After I remade them about 3 times.

What is it about an artist that we have to love our creations before we will share them?

I have worked out my idea and will finally be able to focus and brand my business.

I have felt like I was searchimg and not hitting it just right this past year.

I felt like I was in ADD mode.

Done with that and ready to start making a business finally!!!! 

I am really going to focus on my marketing this next year.

Will get plenty of product on my web site and in my store and Off I go next year.

I have butterflies about this and this is usually a very good thing.

The best thing is I am finally doing things myself for me and not dealing with others ideas and what they see I should be doing.

What are your new year resolutions about your art. Would love to hear about those:)

Shhh be very quiet….

I am getting Christmas presents ready.

This year I am doing a, put a little light in your life theme.

I am making tea light mobiles. I looked at hundreds on Pinterest and I came up with using embroidery hoops, plastic file folders and a styrofoam base.

This is the first one and I am happy but will tweek the next ones just a little:)

Would love to hear what you are making for Christmas this year.

20151117_085841 20151117_085922



Video is the way to go.

I am not afraid to admit that I suck at punctuation and sometimes spelling.

So…, so sorry Charlie for all the grammer snobs who feel the need to point out one’s mistakes and just not enjoy what a person is trying to share on ones blog.

But, it is all good!!!!

With video I do not have to worry. Yeah!!!!

I have a new Galaxy note 5 phone and the things this phone will do is AWESOME!!!!!  So please, just scroll through, watch my videos and enjoy.

I always include my website link so you can just click there and shop. 🙂